I’m a very active and athletic mid 20 year old who loves to stay busy.  I love to work out and stay fit, but I’m not one of these crazies who are obsessed with their food and workout regime.  Anyways, I’ve gone to maybe a handful of Yoga classes in the last few year, and I have always left so disappointed.  I thought it would be a workout, all of my really skinny friends all they ever do is yoga, so it led me to believe that this must be some crazy intense experience/exercise that I was missing out on.  No no no… it was soooooooooo boring, I didn’t sweat, I didn’t feel stretched, all I felt was like I needed to go run a marathon to make up for the past hour that I just wasted.  Well I have been doing cross-fit for a couple months, and this I can honestly say I am OBSESSED with! But I figured I needed some balance in my life- Work’s crazy, life’s crazier, so I am trying out another yoga class that is supposed to be a bit more intense.

Anybody have any types of yoga that are good for stretching, balancing, but not too boring!?  Insite would be wonderful.  I think the class I’m taking is a Vinyasa Flow or something or other!


2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Check out some videos or ask a yoga studio what type of classes they offer to see if it fits your needs. Good Luck!

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