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My Favorite Travel Apps

As more and more people are using smartphones, the number of travel apps and mobile social media applications continues to increase. There are a number of popular options that will make your travel experience seamless and more interactive. Here are just a few of them.Hope you guys enjoy!!


Allowing you to share all of your smartphone photos with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter with just a touch of a button. Use one or more of the app’s numerous filters to alter your photos before you share them with the world. Make sure to share only your best vacation photos and to scatter them throughout each day so your followers keep paying attention to your posts. Get even more out of the app by following and interacting with fellow Instagram users.


This app features the ability to make 15-second video status updates. This may seem like a very short period of time, but it is not so different from the 140 character limit on Twitter. Similar to Instagram, you can create the video right on your phone and then share it on Facebook and Twitter with a simple button click. While you’re traveling, it can be fun to view videos from other users who have posted from the same locations.


This app gives you the tools to locate numerous things to do in many locations throughout the world. “Check in” at various venues to get “badges” through the app. Many companies provide special offers when customers use check ins, such as a free coffee the first time you check in with them. Don’t forget to use the Explore option, which has categories such as Food, Top Picks, and Nightlife. Make sure to leave feedback about your experiences at various venues to assist further Foursquare users. Similar to Foursquare, Yelp provides reviews and tips for a wide variety of businesses. However, it offers more information in greater detail than Foursquare. Browse categories and recent activity for your current location. Join the Yelp community by contributing your own reviews and ratings for the places that you visit.


Hello Beauties

Hello Everyone!

I am super new to this Blogging thing-  My name is Alexandra Jacobs.  I love being called AJ, which is where I got AlexsJourneys from (AJ).  Some of my friends call me Alex, Lexie, Lexis, Alexis- any mixture of whatever they feel like at the time!  I have been writing in my free time for a year or two now after I graduated from college.  I love to write about vacations and travel, eating, drinking and being merry, and anything else beautiful in the world.  I love traveling and have been to many places, but have greater aspirations to go around the world!  I love fashion and interior design, and can’t wait to start designing my own house- once I have a good job that will allow me to spend money on luxurious items, or at least be creative and do a lot of DIY for my own home.  I am interested in other peoples opinions, views, comments, criticisms, anything you wish to share… so please comment or e-mail me on anything that you may find interesting on blog posts in the future.

Live – Laugh – Love – Travel