DIY Wall Art

Some of the latest design trends do not require a designer. Some homes feature some “project areas” that can get the entire family involved. When homeowners use DIY designs, their homes are uniquely designed for their preferences, much like a typical creative dweller. Let’s take a look at some of the DIY design elements that are present in some homes today.


Words on Canvas

With this latest design trend, homeowners can reveal their inner Picasso by painting a few words on canvases. The project is easy to complete and adds considerable flair to any room. Many minimalist designers love this idea because not only are the canvases visually appealing, but also inspiring. The quotes or one-word statements can be written in standard free-hand or stencil.

The design choice and colors will depend on the homeowners’ preferences. Creating wall hangings will allow homeowners to save money.To create the wall hangings, many homeowners use inspiration from magazines. Alternatively, allowing them to come up with statements without inspiration.

The wall hangings require a blank canvas, paint, paintbrush and creativity. The blank canvas can be obtained from an art supply store or a store such as Michael’s. The background can be painted first and should dry overnight. Some people may choose to decoupage newspaper on the canvas.  The lettering can be added on the next day. To add the lettering, many people will use stencils or free-hand sketches. Many people use lead or charcoal for the outline and paint within the lines onto the canvas. After the words are complete, the masterpiece should be allowed to dry. When the canvas is dry, it can be hung in any room of the home.

Many people enjoy using three or four consecutive wall hangings in a row to add artistic flair. “Words on Canvas” is a unique and cost-effective way to decorate homes, and it is a new trend in the New York and Brooklyn areas. Since the designer is you, you can save $6,500 on interior decorator fees. However, if an interior decorator is needed for the other aspects of your home décor, he or she can guide you in this phase of the project. Simply convey your idea to the interior decorator and he or she can recommend the best colors or approach for the project.


Consider Words on Canvas for Your Next Interior Design Project

Getting involved in your home decorating projects is not a bad idea. It can save money, and it can be therapeutic. Many people would enjoy this type of project from a hobby perspective. Consider Words on Canvas for your next project and watch the room transform.



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