Decor on a Budget

The winter holidays have always been my favorite time of year. I was so looking forward to having my own home and creating an amazing home decorated with all of the latest trends. Once making the move, I realized how expensive it was to keep up with current trends. This holiday season, I decided to look at three different trends and come up with my own, thrifty spin on them.

My first project was a beautiful holiday wreath. Many stores are selling lavish wreaths with large Christmas bulbs and ribbon threaded through. They are incredibly beautiful, but also very expensive. To create a similar look, I visited my local dollar store and also the thrift store. I found an old wreath at the thrift store for $1.00. It wasn’t the most fashionable, but provided a great base for what I wanted to do. I purchased Christmas ribbon and beautiful round ornaments at the local dollar store. Once I got them home, I simply wrapped the purchased ribbon around the wreath and attached the bulbs with hot glue. Once all of the bulbs had been attached, I wound the ribbon through them and secured with hot glue. The wreath turned out beautifully and cost less than $10.00.

Although I have been decorating on a budget, we have been able to have a beautiful home that provides the true spirit of the season. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on expensive decorations, when you can create memories with your family making duplicates much cheaper.


2 thoughts on “Decor on a Budget

  1. I love making it your own and using items you already have around the home to decorate:) Great Post – Happy Monday:)

  2. You're not fooling us says:

    Oh look! You still post under a fake blog. That’s nice to know. People know you’re a hoax.

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