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What To Expect from Brooklyn, NY

Hey everyone…So I thought I would give you guys a look at what to expect from the neighborhood in terms of style, cuisine, interior home design, shopping and activities. A lot of people tend to ask me for some tips on what to do and where the best places to be when in the Brooklyn area.

Hope you enjoy what I have to share!!


Brooklyn’s style is casual-chic. Many people wear trendy sneakers as they walk through the up and coming neighborhoods. People are, for the most part, friendly and promote a communal atmosphere.

Many people prefer shopping in Brooklyn because it is different from Madison Avenue or Soho in Manhattan. Many people living in Brooklyn enjoy shopping in Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Prospect Heights. Williamsburg is known for its vintage shopping. Many people enjoy the flea markets in Brooklyn, but these flea markets are atypical. The markets carry authentic vintage and high quality goods. Many people flock to the Brooklyn Flea for this reason.

Brooklyn does not have several antiques stores, but there are numerous furniture stores with modern pieces featured at affordable prices. IKEA is another popular store in the area. Fifth Avenue is one of the more popular shopping venues. The neighborhoods are highly walkable, and stores can be reached easily.

People need sneakers to walk the area in comfort. To find trendy sneakers, try Fulton Mall.


The food in Brooklyn varies. Popular food choices allow a wide variety and include Cuban, Mexican, Spanish or Tapas Style, Japanese and American Fare. Whichever you may desire can be found in the Brooklyn area. Some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn include:  Le Bernadin, Per Se, Dressler, Bozu, El Almacen, Zenkichi and Five Leaves.

Atlantic Avenue at Clinton Street is known for ethnic food such as Middle Eastern and Russian. Brooklyn is also known for its Italian food, Irish food, Pakistani food, Norwegian food, African food, Caribbean fare and halal stores. Chocolate lovers and pastry lovers will find treats in Williamsburg, Park Slope, DUMBO, Gowanus and Red Hook. Polish kielbasa and breads can be found on Manhattan Avenue.

Home Design

Some of the most impressive interior designs in Brooklyn are based upon art deco and minimalist principles. The lines of furniture featured in Brooklyn apartments are clean and sharp and give the edgy town credit to the artistic reputation it holds. The spaces are open and wide to complement these pieces.

Activities in Brooklyn

Living in Brooklyn gives residents the opportunity to engage in theater, film, dance and music activities. The Brooklyn Book Festival always seems to attract numerous supporters for Brooklyn’s writers. Many residents also enjoy the annual art shows at Brooklyn’s Waterfront Coalition. The Brooklyn Academy of Music features the BAM Dance Africa to attract people who love dance and the arts.

Williamsburg, NY


Proud to be an American!

Fourth of July is approaching fast and it is one of my favorites. It is a time to relax and hang out with family and friends as we celebrate America’s independence. This year it falls on a Wednesday so you have the weekend before and the weekend after to celebrate!!

With so many parties going on it is important to have a few different fashion options. Remember to represent the red, white, and blue! There is no need to be so literal with your patriotism, forget the t-shirt with a flag in the middle of it, try cute and stylish ideas!

Since there may be different types of parties going on, (Grandma’s House, Roommate from college, Company Party, or just a great get together with friends and family) you’re going to need to be prepared.  Keeping it simple and within the color scheme will get you a fashionable outfit. Do not try to mix and match all three of the colors because that will only make you look like a flag. Try one or two of the colors together. It is ok to venture out of the standard red and blue. Try different shades like teal, turquoise, cranberry, and coral.

You can mix and match so many different shorts and tank tops you probably already own, to come up with a cute BBQ outfit.  With this outfit I suggest a cute pair of red, white, or blue Keds.  Flat sandals or wedges that fit the color scheme would be cute as well.  (It could dress up the casual look a bit).

A dress is a safe outfit at any party. Remember to add cute jewelry and shoes to complete your style. Find a festive pair of earrings and a simple bracelet or your everyday watch to add style.  If you are going to be out at a BBQ in the grass playing your favorite summertime games, wear a pair of sandals or flats.

When the weather is nice, pool parties are a hit! A cute red, white, or blue bathing suit with a patterned top and solid bottom will do the trick. Remember cover-ups are fashionable so bring one to throw on after you’ve cooled off.

You can mix and match so many different pieces to come up with something fun and stylish for the different occasions. Remember it is important to have your outfit flow, so use your best judgment on what looks good to you.

Live – Laugh – Love – Travel  xx AJ

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Mix and Match

I’ve always gone by the rule, if it looks good on the bottom, keep that style! Once I find a good bottom, I want to get a couple- especially if they come in the bright and bold colors that are in style this summer! I love mixing and matching different tops with my bottoms. It’s just something fun I’ve always done 🙂 Here’s my second attempt on Polyvore (didn’t really like this one as much, but o well. Practice makes perfect!)

Mix and Match

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Polyvore: Beachy

So I just found out about Polyvore! Am I soooo behind times!?  I mean I love fashion and everything, and I always wonder how bloggers get pictures with multiple articles of clothing, etc.  But now I know!  Here is my first attempt at polyvore.  I think I’m going to become obsessed, just like I have become obsessed with my pinterest account!



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Step Out in Spring Fashion

Photo by flickr user Art Comments


Now that spring is finally appearing, you’ve probably put away all of those heavy sweaters, jackets, mittens, and gloves. The beautiful, warm weather and pleasant sunshine will have you dreaming of flowy skirts, light tops, and sandals. If you’re in the market for a new spring wardrobe, you’ll have a variety of trends, looks, and prints to choose from, all in choices that can transition from day to night in a snap, no matter if you live in the city or country.

There are a number of looks out there that almost any woman can pull off with a little expertise. This spring, look for bold prints, including florals, in a variety of bright colors, all in fabrics of natural origin. If you’ve ever traveled to the Hamptons, then you know this look is the epitome of style there. Here are five outfit ideas you can use, possibly with some pieces you already have in your closet, to create that sense of Hamptons style.

The White Dress

Nothing is more versatile or can show off a tan more than a beautiful white summer sundress. During the day, dress it down with flat sandals and simple jewelry or a straw hat. By night, add chunky gold jewelry and wedges to create a sleep, fun summer look. Don’t forget to bring a light sweater to cover up if the evening gets cool.


Casual Cropped Pants and Fitted Tee

Be casual, comfortable, and chic in this easy combination. Try a pair of brightly colored chinos rolled with metallic sandals and chunky jewelry to complete the look. Have fun with different patterns and graphics on your tee shirts, or try a fitted polo shirt in a bright color. This outfit is preppy and cool.


Spring Skirt and Tee

Pick a pretty and feminine skirt in a spring pastel shade and dress it down with a matching knit top. This combinations allows you to feel girly but isn’t stuffy or formal. To add to the cool factor, choose a pleated or full skirt. If you really want to show off, add a pair of platform shoes to this outfit. If you want to be more casual, pick flat footwear.

Skinnies and Stripes

Both skinny jeans and striped clothing have been in style for several seasons now, and show no signs of going out any time soon. If you haven’t tried these trends, now is the time. They go well together. Try a navy striped top with a pair of stretchy skinny jeans and some ballet flats. This look is perfect if you’re planning to go sailing for the day or just if you’re having lunch with the girls.


Pretty Party Dress

The spring and summer months are full of parties, weddings, and other celebrations. Be prepared for any event with a pretty, flirty party dress. Choose from florals, pastels, or stripes to create a look that’s on trend and fits well with the season. Don’t forget to add some sky high heels or platforms, as well as some coordinating jewelry to create the total package.


If you make sure your spring wardrobe contains each of these easy outfit combinations, you’ll be prepared for any type of event the season throws your way, whether you live in the Hamptons, the city, or the suburbs.

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