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What To Expect from Brooklyn, NY

Hey everyone…So I thought I would give you guys a look at what to expect from the neighborhood in terms of style, cuisine, interior home design, shopping and activities. A lot of people tend to ask me for some tips on what to do and where the best places to be when in the Brooklyn area.

Hope you enjoy what I have to share!!


Brooklyn’s style is casual-chic. Many people wear trendy sneakers as they walk through the up and coming neighborhoods. People are, for the most part, friendly and promote a communal atmosphere.

Many people prefer shopping in Brooklyn because it is different from Madison Avenue or Soho in Manhattan. Many people living in Brooklyn enjoy shopping in Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Prospect Heights. Williamsburg is known for its vintage shopping. Many people enjoy the flea markets in Brooklyn, but these flea markets are atypical. The markets carry authentic vintage and high quality goods. Many people flock to the Brooklyn Flea for this reason.

Brooklyn does not have several antiques stores, but there are numerous furniture stores with modern pieces featured at affordable prices. IKEA is another popular store in the area. Fifth Avenue is one of the more popular shopping venues. The neighborhoods are highly walkable, and stores can be reached easily.

People need sneakers to walk the area in comfort. To find trendy sneakers, try Fulton Mall.


The food in Brooklyn varies. Popular food choices allow a wide variety and include Cuban, Mexican, Spanish or Tapas Style, Japanese and American Fare. Whichever you may desire can be found in the Brooklyn area. Some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn include:  Le Bernadin, Per Se, Dressler, Bozu, El Almacen, Zenkichi and Five Leaves.

Atlantic Avenue at Clinton Street is known for ethnic food such as Middle Eastern and Russian. Brooklyn is also known for its Italian food, Irish food, Pakistani food, Norwegian food, African food, Caribbean fare and halal stores. Chocolate lovers and pastry lovers will find treats in Williamsburg, Park Slope, DUMBO, Gowanus and Red Hook. Polish kielbasa and breads can be found on Manhattan Avenue.

Home Design

Some of the most impressive interior designs in Brooklyn are based upon art deco and minimalist principles. The lines of furniture featured in Brooklyn apartments are clean and sharp and give the edgy town credit to the artistic reputation it holds. The spaces are open and wide to complement these pieces.

Activities in Brooklyn

Living in Brooklyn gives residents the opportunity to engage in theater, film, dance and music activities. The Brooklyn Book Festival always seems to attract numerous supporters for Brooklyn’s writers. Many residents also enjoy the annual art shows at Brooklyn’s Waterfront Coalition. The Brooklyn Academy of Music features the BAM Dance Africa to attract people who love dance and the arts.

Williamsburg, NY


Enjoying The Summer = M.I.A

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been MIA. I have just been traveling a ton this summer, not online a lot, enjoying family, friends, the water and a lot of concerts!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!! xoxoxo AJ

Live – Laugh – Love – Travel



I’m a very active and athletic mid 20 year old who loves to stay busy.  I love to work out and stay fit, but I’m not one of these crazies who are obsessed with their food and workout regime.  Anyways, I’ve gone to maybe a handful of Yoga classes in the last few year, and I have always left so disappointed.  I thought it would be a workout, all of my really skinny friends all they ever do is yoga, so it led me to believe that this must be some crazy intense experience/exercise that I was missing out on.  No no no… it was soooooooooo boring, I didn’t sweat, I didn’t feel stretched, all I felt was like I needed to go run a marathon to make up for the past hour that I just wasted.  Well I have been doing cross-fit for a couple months, and this I can honestly say I am OBSESSED with! But I figured I needed some balance in my life- Work’s crazy, life’s crazier, so I am trying out another yoga class that is supposed to be a bit more intense.

Anybody have any types of yoga that are good for stretching, balancing, but not too boring!?  Insite would be wonderful.  I think the class I’m taking is a Vinyasa Flow or something or other!


Sorry I have been MIA lately, just very busy with work, writing, and life. I will be putting up another blog post this week. Sorry

xoxo AJ

Live Laugh Love Travel


So those of you who have followed me a little bit, know my best friend is getting married!! (Above is the new setting on her ring) The wedding is this weekend! April 28th.  It has been so crazy, but so fun.  I just finished up the final touches on my speech and feel pretty good about it.  I will be sure to post pictures and blog next week.

“May your hands be forever clasped in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love!”  ❤

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