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Hawaiian Vacation: Paradise is Waiting

I’ve been thinking a lot about my vacation to Hawaii…. I miss it like crazy.  Even though its mid summer right now, I wanted to write a little piece on the beloved Hawaiian Paradise!

Hawaii is a dream vacation location for many people, especially those who crave tropical surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. When a Hawaiian getaway transitions from a wish to reality, an itinerary must be planned so that time on the islands is not wasted. Although for some, relaxing on a beach for the week would be enough to completely entertain, there are many more places to see, explore, and stay.

Waikiki in particular is a popular tourist spot. Located on Oahu, Waikiki is Hawaii’s main tourist center, and has some of the most famous travel spots of the island chain. The beaches are stunning, and the majority of hotel rooms are within walking distance to the sand and surf. For those looking for actual activities, Waikiki is home to a zoo, aquarium, and is not far from many historical locations – including Pearl Harbor. At night, the city comes alive with bars, restaurants, and gathering places that are ideal for travelers to interact with the locals and each other. Oahu’s nightlife is the most interesting of all the islands, as there are different areas to explore. From resort bars in Waikiki to “underground” lounges in Chinatown and mainland influenced clubs in Honolulu, this island is the place to be after dark.

Finding a place to stay in Hawaii is the least difficult task of planning a Hawaiian vacation itinerary. With everything from locally owned motels to resort-style names most are familiar with, Hawaii has it all. Each location’s staff is more than happy to assist travelers with any questions that they may have, including acting as guides to the best local activities, food, and shopping areas. Whether traveling alone, with a family, or with a significant other, Hawaii’s islands offer endless options for vacation activities, and more than likely, visitors will spend very little time in their hotels.

Hawaiian tourists need only to step outside and look around to find various things to do. From the quiet, laid back atmosphere of Hilo’s restaurants and shops to the whaling villages on Maui, children and adults alike can enjoy the beautiful island scenery in any way that they choose. Public transportation is provided on each island, so guests do not need to worry about getting from place to place, but car rentals are also available for convenience in reaching distant locations.

Whether traveling as a family, or simply looking to spend time with a special someone, Hawaii’s got a solution. Family friendly activities like Dolphin Quest, the Hawaiian Adventures Water Park, and BOB’s Hawaii Adventure are easily accessible to tourists, and at reasonable prices. For those traveling with a significant other or simply vacationing with friends, different activities may be more suitable. The “Garden Island” of Kauai is home to the Na Pali Coast and other beautiful scenery, and many locations offer helicopter rides that give visitors a bird’s eye view of the islands, as well as access to different, more secluded beaches.

When visiting Hawaii, travelers should be sure to choose some “must see” locations and “must do” activities beforehand, or the trip may seem rushed and unorganized. The website http://www.gohawaii.com/ is a great resource to help people plan out their trips before leaving their homes, and give vacationers a better idea of what is awaiting them in the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

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