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Guest Post: Summer Romantic Comedies!

Hello friends! My name is Melissa, and I blog about my physical disability, love and life over at So About What I Said. I am so excited that Alexandra and I are guest posting for each other. If you read my blog, you know that I’m a pretty big pop culture junkie, so I thought it was only natural that I write about one of my favorite things today — romantic comedies. Ahhh, nothing says summer quite like a love and romance, does it? Long days for long, hand-in-hand walks on the beach. Warm evenings for gazing up at the stars. And, of course, sharing a large popcorn at the movie theater. I grew up on a diet rich in romantic comedies, but like anything, I have my favorites that top the list. So, friends, here are my Top 4 Favorite Romantic Comedies that will get your heart pitter-pattering just a little bit faster — don’t say I didn’t warn you…


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Ahh, yes, perhaps the ultimate in romantic fun — and even better, the bad boy-meets good girl love story is set to toe-tapping music. I used to sing Summer Nights and pretend I was Sandy pensively thinking of Danny. The film touched on so many adolescent issues, but the biggest question? Do you like Danny in his leather jacket days or his buttoned-up sweater days? Such decisions…

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This movie came out when I was a sophomore or junior in high school, and…well. I. Was. Julia. Robert’s. Character. The perils of being the girl friend and not the girlfriend was something I knew all too well. And having so much that you would like to say, but knowing that you can’t — and that if you do, it probably create a huge divide of awkwardness that you’ll never be able to go back from. So you sit there with a smile plastered on your face, wondering how things would have turned out if only you’d had the courage to say something — anything — sooner.

You’ve Got Mail

Photo by elif-demet.blogspot.com

Perhaps the first movie to put social media (did they even use that term back then?) at the center of matchmaking. I love the combo of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and the whole idea of getting to know each other through letters. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Say Anything

Does it really get any better than Lloyd Dobler standing outside your window blasting In Your Eyes? That movie signaled a victory for nerds everywhere, and I know I’m still on the lookout for my Lloyd Dobler.

So, friends, what are your favorite rom-coms? Which ones describe your life perfectly? I’d love to hear your story. xoxo

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