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Decorations for Every Holiday! Halloooooooween

I love decorating my apartment for every holiday.  I don’t have very many festive pieces quite yet, as I am just beginning to collect.  I started by actually going shopping at my mothers house.  She is always known for decorating the house head to toe for every occasion!


Fall is here, and the excitement of Halloween is just around the corner! Nearly everyone enjoys dressing up and celebrating with spooky tricks and sweet treats, but the fun does not have to end on the front porch! It is possible to decorate your whole home for this festive fall holiday — without making a frightful mess. Think outside of the box and create tasteful Halloween decor with these easy steps.

Smart and Simple: Do not just waltz down the Halloween decoration aisle in your local big-box department store and grab one of everything. Instead, collect a few items that particularly strike your fancy. Try to find items that are somehow similar, as these will serve as the base of your Halloween decoration theme.

Accentuate Your Space: Inside the home, your Halloween pieces will look best when presented as a part of a room’s decor. Rather than masking your home with bright orange and green decorations, consider a more subdued approach. A classic black and white theme sets an inviting backdrop for festive pops of orange, green and purple. Use various shapes and patterns to give a classic black and white theme holiday appeal, and integrate color with bright candles or glassware. Deep hunter green is a gorgeous backdrop for autumn reds, golds, browns and oranges. If using this classic harvest theme, avoid busying the space with purples and black.

Group Like Items: Now that you have your base set, get out those fun decorations you picked! Put witches with witches, pumpkins with pumpkins and ghosts with ghosts! Select a variety of different glass dishes or vases and arrange them on a mantle with a different Halloween candy in each. Create a harvest centerpiece with gourds and harvest corn. An excellent and classy idea comes from Martha Stewart. Glitter pumpkins are a unique accent for any Halloween decor, and they can last through Thanksgiving.

Avoid covering every square inch of your yard with spider webs and gravestones and give your house festive flair that is inviting to visitors of all ages. A natural leaf garland or wreath is a beautiful accent to your door in the colors of the season. Place a hay bale on your porch upon which to display pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns. Consider the use of dried corn stalks and golden autumn flowers to accent your entryway. Use lanterns and flameless candles to illuminate your doorway for visitors.

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