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New York City Tourist

No matter the time of year, New York offers a wealth of exciting attractions for both the first time visitor and the returning bunch. Whether the visit will last but for a single day, with plans to return in the future, for a week or more, or whether you call New York City home, the Big Apple has plenty to see and do for those of all ages and all interests. Think theatre, music, history, architecture and more, when you think of New York City, the city that truly never sleeps.

Empire State Building
The Empire State Building is a world renowned tourist icon in the City That Never Sleeps. The 102-story skyscraper stands 1,250 feet high and features observatory decks on the 86th floor. It was the tallest building on Earth for several years, until the World Trade Center’s North Tower unseated it in 1972. Today, visitors flock to the structure designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World for unequaled 360 degree views of New York City. In addition, there is a motion simulator located on the 2nd floor which simulates an aerial tour of the city. An additional fee is required for admittance to the ride. Buy tickets online at The Official Site of the Empire State Building to minimize long wait times.

Statue of Liberty
This longstanding monument, whose formal name is The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, was the center dispute between the states of New Jersey and New York as to true jurisdiction. It took a federal judge to rule that The Statue of Liberty truly did belong to the Big Apple, even though it is technically closer to the Jersey shoreline. A true tourist Mecca, thousands of people visit this stunning icon each day, making it a must for out-of-towners. Since it sits in the New York Harbor, all visitors will need to purchase a ticket for boat transportation from Statue Cruises. Avoid some of the wait time associated with visiting The Statue of Liberty by buying boat tickets ahead of time at StatueCruises.com. Liberty Island rangers provide tours for visitors interested in the 125 year-old statue, and both these tours and entrance to the statue are provided free of charge.

Ellis Island
The Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York Harbor is a popular site for visitors around the world and an inspiring icon of an early America as a lure for immigrants seeking a better life. Ellis Island functioned as the country’s busiest immigration inspection station from 1892 to 1954, and by its closing in 1954, had processed 12 million new Americans. Today, over half of the American population can trace its roots to entry through Ellis Island.The Ellis Island Immigration Museum offers a number of fascinating attractions, including self-guided exhibits that chronicle the immigration experience. They include oral histories, artifacts, photographs and more. In addition, alternating temporary exhibits and an interactive area called The American Family Immigration History Center allows visitors the opportunity to view passenger records, for a wholly unique experience. Visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum site for guidelines on searching for an ancestor by way of the passenger logs. Like The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island provides free admission; however, a ticket for boat transportation is required. Avoid wait times by buying boat tickets ahead of time at StatueCruises.com.

The Film Forum
For those that have visited New York a ton of times and are looking to get away from the usual tourist traps, film buffs can head to the Film Forum for a taste of hard-to-come-by film festival picks. Think Cannes, Berlin and Venice, along with a tad of the off-beat. Cinephiles rejoice! And visit Film Forum.org today for more information.

Bowery Ballroom
We haven’t forgotten the music lovers. For those with indie-rock tendencies that range from underground and local to truly up-and-coming, the Bowery Ballroom is truly your first stop. A live music buffet constantly on the refill, Bowery Ballroom offers two levels of entertainment and a whole chain of spin off venues. Visit Bowery Ballroom’s site today for information on upcoming acts.

Even if you’ve neither the time nor money to sit in on a Broadway show, a stroll down Broadway, with its forty professional theatres lining the theatre district. Considered by most to be the highest standard of commercial theatre, taking in a show on Broadway is definitely the highlight of many a visitor to New York. Generally speaking, Broadway productions run Tuesdays through Saturday evenings with afternoon matinee performances on Wednesdays and weekends. For information on purchasing tickets to a Broadway play visitBroadway.com.

Sporting Events
New York City is home to nine professional sports teams, including two Major League Baseball teams, two National Football League teams, two National Hockey League teams, a National Basketball Association Team, a Women’s National Basketball Association team and a Major League Soccer team. New York also, from time to time, hosts many athletic events of global interest, such as the U.S. Tennis Open, The New York City Marathon, the Amateur Boxing Golden Gloves Competition and the National Football League’s Super Bowl. No matter the time of year you happen to find yourself in New York, there will likely be a sporting event worth attending. To grab tickets to the sporting event of your choice, visit a reputable seller beforehand, such as Ticketmaster,Tickets.com or Stub Hub.

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