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“Any Coffee or Dessert?”

So I previously discussed my trip up to the 1000 islands this summer and let me tell you it was so beautiful. But one of the best parts of the trip had to have been the dessert I had while dining riverside. I’m normally the type of girl that likes to go home, kick off my heels after a dinner date and curl up with a bowl of ice cream or some Oreos, but when you’re on vacation and eating at some of the best restaurants in town, why wouldn’t you get dessert?

qThis chocolate cake was probably one of the BEST chocolate cakes I have ever had. I’m not a hugee chocolate fan either. The frosting was thick and creamy and the tartness of the strawberry brought out some of the sweet flavors in the chocolate cake itself. I just HAD to look up a recipe so I can indulge in this as much as I want. I found the recipe on Pinterest (of course) so hopefully you guys enjoy this link!

xx AJ


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