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Babies!? Decorating the Nursery!? Yes Please

I found this out a month or so ago, but I waited a little while to share the news.  My little sister is having a baby!  I am sooooooooo excited 😀  I was so inspired that I wrote a piece on decorating your home for the baby.  I hope you enjoy it.

As you prepare to welcome your new baby into the world, you obviously want to create a picture-perfect nursery in your home. A baby’s nursery should create a warm, comfortable environment for your baby to rest and relax in. It also is an environment where your baby will grow and thrive, and perhaps even reach certain milestones in. It is in this room where your little one will likely first sleep through the night. He or she may learn to sit, crawl, stand, and even utter those first few words in this room. You certainly want to spend time preparing this special place for the wonderful memories that will be made here.

Some parents struggle with the decision of what style a nursery should take. When a child is older, he or she will no doubt have plenty of say in what the style of the room looks like. For now, however, the style should reflect feelings of comfort and warmth, but you certainly want them to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Some parents may choose a special theme for the room while others may simply opt for a general color theme. Many babies will enjoy viewing animals, geometric shapes, and patterns within a few months after birth, and so designing with these elements in mind may be suitable for your space.

Some parents will opt for a more traditional nursery, and decorating with traditional toys, teddy bears, dolls, or other stuffed animals is a great way to achieve this look. Toys may initially be used as decoration on display shelves, and then may be taken down later when they are age-appropriate for your growing child. Murals, wall appliques, and more are wonderful additions to any nursery. When decorating, keep in mind that your child will spend much of his or her first year or two looking at the ceiling in this room. This may be before or after waking, or even laying on a play mat in the bedroom. Taking time to decorate the ceiling creatively can make the space more pleasing to your little one.

The furnishings you choose for this space will also contribute to the overall style of the space. There are many different styles of nursery furnishings as well as different hues of wood stains and painted wood furnishings you can purchase. Most nurseries will include a crib and a rocking chair. A small dresser is often helpful for storing little outfits, diapers, blankets, and bibs. Optional furnishings include a small bed or couch for the parents to sleep on during those late nights with the baby as well as a changing table.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when decorating the nursery is the baby’s level of safety in the space. Most of the time your baby spends in this room initially will be spent in the crib. So ensure that bumper pads are not used, and that large stuffed animals, pillows, or other items that may suffocate the baby are not within reach. Also ensure curtains, wall coverings, and other items are not within reach of the crib.

Decorating your little one’s nursery can be a truly enjoyable experience. In years to come, your child will one day wonder what this special room looked like, so be sure to take photos of the preparations you went through to welcome him or her into the world as well as the final look of the nursery.

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