Guest Post: Super Seoul Trip

A while back, I wrote a guest post for Ena Teo on her blog at  She has written a travel article for me about her trip to Seoul.  I have never been, so it was very interesting and new! I hope you enjoy it:

Back in February, my friend Bini (henceforth, B) and I headed to Seoul, Korea for a short and sweet 4 days 3 nights trip.

Day 1
Travelling from my country Singapore, we landed at In-cheon airport and we took a mini-van ride prepared for us as part of the package to our Seoul hotel, Vabien Suite II.
After checking in, we headed out to a trendy area called Sam-chang Dong with indie boutiques, a multi-level F21 building and the best Korean restaurant!

After some shopping, we ventured for a good meal and found the Best Korean traditional meal for lunch, at 7000won (~USD$7/SGD$10) per set meal!

After lunch, we headed to Dongdaemun to shop at Doota mall, another trendy shopping haunt with a lot of up and coming local designer stalls. After checking out about 3-4 levels, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, Il Mare at the mall. Yes it is a little funny that we would eat Italian fare while in Korea but Il Mare’s pastas and cheese pizza dipped in honey is fantastic and definitely recommended!

Day 2
For our Super Seoul escapade day 2, we headed out to Lotte department store to shop and lunch!We had traditional korean food for lunch at level 11! If you don’t like Korean food, it’s only because you have not tried the authentic korean food in Korea. Dae bak! (The best!)In the evening, we headed to Hong-dae area for dinner. We didn’t know how to order and had to trouble B’s friend to speak to the restaurant ahjumma (aunty) over the phone. Oops! 😛 After dinner we walked around the area about bought stuff along the street market. Then we started to notice the craziest queue…

Turns out the Korean youths were queuing to enter the club! Hong-dae area is indeed famous for its youthful night scene!

Day 3
In the day we headed to Shinsegae department to shop that’s where I got my super tasty korean seaweed snacks and biscuits! They have a fantastic range of men and women’s boutiques in store. In the evening, we headed down to Myung Dong, night market street with lots and lots of skin care boutiques. I was looking for The Face Shop to buy some products especially facial masks back. Love branded items but cannot bear to pay for them? You might find your solution here! Lots of pirated branded stuff on the streets; Hermes, LV, Chanel scarves and accessories below.

Day 4

We headed back to the same place for lunch as we did on the first day. Then we had post lunch coffee before our chartered ride came to pick us up from the hotel! On our chartered ride to the airport. This entry is a condensed version of the trip, for more pictures, you may want to check out the 4 days in these 3 entries:


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