Snowboarding and Skiing Trip

I am a big skier, just recently turned snowboarder. My boyfriend is pretty awesome, so I decided to try myself. He had an extra board, so all I needed was the boots. SOOOO MUCH FUN! Here’s a piece I have written on Ski Resorts in the NorthEast. Enjoy!

The northeastern region of the United States is one of the best places to visit during the winter season if you love skiing, snowboarding and lots of snow. The region has well over a hundred ski resorts just waiting for the snow and the skiers. Here are just a handful of ski resorts located in the northeast region.

Whiteface Mountain, located in Lake Placid New York, is one of the best and most familiar ski resort in the Northeast because it was the host of the XIII Olympic Winter Games in 1980 as well as in 1932 for the III Winter Olympics. Whiteface is home to the biggest vertical drop in the Northeast at 3,430 feet. If you’re interested in learning a bit of history about the events of the Olympic Games held at Whiteface, visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum and the Olympic Center.

The Ski Sundown Resort is located in New Hartford, Connecticut. The resort has 65 acres of beautiful white snow for skiing and snowboarding. There are 15 trails to explore. Half of the trails are easy to ski while the other half offer a more challenging ride. The longest and easiest trail is Tom’s treat. In addition, there are five lifts available. In the spacious lodge you will find the Welcome Center, the Snowsport school, a bar and two dining area. There are several places available to grab a bit to eat.

The Big Squaw Mountain Resort located in Greenville, Maine is a great spot with much less traffic than other resorts because of its secluded location. The ski resort sits on 400 acres of pure white snow. There is a wide variety of terrain to ski with 19 trails available. The lower area of the mountain is mainly for beginners and intermediate skiers. The Squaw Brook and the Fitzgerald are easy trails for beginner skiers. Those looking for a little more of a challenge will enjoy the Allagash and the Kennebec. The upper area of the mountain is for expert skiers. The resort also has two lodges and a hotel.

The Catamount Ski Resort is located in South Egremont, Massachusetts on 119 acres of skiable snow. The resort has 33 trails in all. The Green Circle has 11 trails. The Blue Square has 10 trails including the longest trail in the Berkshires, which goes from Ridge Run to Upper, and Lower Promenade. The Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond has 12 trails and the terrain park, which includes the half pipe. The resort also offers night skiing on 15 of the trails as well as the terrain, which includes the half pipe. There are six lifts.

Wildcat Mountain Resort is located in Jackson, New Hampshire. This ski resort sits along the White Mountain National Forest. The resort spreads out over 225 acres of splendor with 49 trails. Polecat trail is one of the longest trails in the area and is perfect for the beginner skier. For the expert cross-country skier, there is the Wildcat Valley Trail. The ski resort also has dining areas. Visitors can enjoy eating in the café or visiting the pub. There is also a variety of accommodations available in the area as well as shopping and entertainment.

The Pico Mountain Ski Resort is located in Killington, Vermont. The resort has 50 trails spread out over 214 acres. The longest trail at Pico is the Pike, which is a little more than a mile long. For experienced skiers the Summit Glades and Upper KA are popular runs. The Giant Killer is the steepest trail. There are numerous accommodations in Killington and several other winter activities in the area. Besides shopping, visitors can enjoy sleigh rides, snowshoeing, snowmobiling tours, and rock climbing.

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