Luxurious Manhattan Loft Party

One of my dearest friends lives in a gorgeous Manhattan Loft.  We threw a little get together this past weekend, and it made me think about writing this piece on Luxurious Manhattan Loft Parties!

There are a lot of great places to party in New York City, if you have the money to do so. The best way to re-create the downtown scene without spending thousands of dollars in the process is by doing it in your own loft. While throwing a party and at the same time trying to bring Manhattan style and glamor to it can be expensive if you let it, there are some tips that can help you keep costs at a minimum while putting on a very worthy affair.

Most importantly, people remember a party by the people they met and the conversations and interactions they had with other guests. This makes the layout of the party very important. Your party area should be set up in a fashion that allows people to mingle freely. A mixture of short and long tables gives people the ability to find different spots to talk, or even to take a break from talking or standing for a moment. Create comfortable sections with your existing furniture so that people can face each other when interacting. Do NOT put chairs and sofas against your walls; this will create a high school prom atmosphere, which is definitely not what you want.

As far as décor goes, low lighting and luxury are what you should go for. An easy way to save money while going for luxury is to use white tablecloth on all your tables, with accents in black or silver. These colors work all year round, so you do not have to worry about matching your party with a color theme. Fall parties can benefit from orange, brown, or yellow floating candles in glass bowls. Winter is easy; add some snowflakes or blue accents to get the effect you want.

Your musical choice is always important. Remember, it’s not about what you like, it’s about what people will enjoy without being offended. Try to go for something universal, like jazz turned low, or rock classics like the Beatles or the Who.

Food is also really important; a lot of people remember parties because of the great food that they ate. The first option is to have the party catered, if you know of an affordable caterer. Making the food yourself can be much cheaper, and often the food is much better. Appetizers are what you should focus on, as people will be chatting and interacting, and won’t be sitting down to eat. Finding popular hor d’oeuvres on sale can be effective, such as mini-quiches, or meatballs done with a special sauce. A cheese fondue with bread is also a glamorous and fairly inexpensive idea.

Drinks are the final touch. There is no reason to buy every kind of liquor on the planet. You can even have a drink theme to your party, such as flavored martinis. My all time favorite, and go to is the popular Cosmopolitan!  Always have been and a wine box in case your guests don’t drink liquor, and soda for those who drink any alcohol at all.

Do not fret; following these steps will allow you to actually afford a fabulous party that people will remember for a long time!


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