Hello Beauties

Hello Everyone!

I am super new to this Blogging thing-  My name is Alexandra Jacobs.  I love being called AJ, which is where I got AlexsJourneys from (AJ).  Some of my friends call me Alex, Lexie, Lexis, Alexis- any mixture of whatever they feel like at the time!  I have been writing in my free time for a year or two now after I graduated from college.  I love to write about vacations and travel, eating, drinking and being merry, and anything else beautiful in the world.  I love traveling and have been to many places, but have greater aspirations to go around the world!  I love fashion and interior design, and can’t wait to start designing my own house- once I have a good job that will allow me to spend money on luxurious items, or at least be creative and do a lot of DIY for my own home.  I am interested in other peoples opinions, views, comments, criticisms, anything you wish to share… so please comment or e-mail me on anything that you may find interesting on blog posts in the future.

Live – Laugh – Love – Travel



One thought on “Hello Beauties

  1. nice to meet you AJ! Hugs

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